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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Life Happens

Life happens. 
What can I say?
It happens now, 
and even today. 
It happens next week, 
next month, 
and even next year. 
So, what is the point
of living in fear?
Or bitterness?
Or regret? 
Or even in spite? 
There's more to life
than starting a fight
with yourself, 
with others, 
or with the past. 
There's no guarantee 
of what will actually last. 
But there's so much to do,
to enjoy,
and to see. 
So much to learn,
to wonder, 
and to be. 
Life can be scary, 
and a dangerous plight. 
It's a chance to grow wings,
be brave,
take flight. 

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