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Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy Anniversary FFX!

It's a day late, but happy anniversary to Final Fantasy X! 
I love this game. The world, the characters and the story are amazing! 
I drew a lot of inspiration from this game for my upcoming novel Starlight. The conflict was interesting, and Yuna is my favorite character. Her pilgrimage, and the lessons she learns along the way are powerful elements in the story. Tidus, the narrator also grows from an easy going athlete to a quick thinking hero. These two characters were my favorite, but I also looked up to Auron, the wise and strong warrior. Rikku's optimism, Wakka's determination, Lulu's guidance and Kimihari's dedication added to the team. 
This story from ignorance to enlightenment: doom to hope still impresses me, no matter how many times I play it. 

The world is beautiful, from the mythos to the geography. 

My favorite places were the Moonflow . . . 

and Macalania Woods.

This game has so much imagination and philosophy. It asks the big questions in a beautiful setting with magic and adventure. 

And who could forget the laughing scene ^_^ 

FFX has been a major influence on my life, from the moment my friend Becca first introduced it to me ^_^

I have dressed up as Yuna a few times.

I gave Lightning her outfit in Lightning Returns

I saw the FFX display at Artina Cafe.

And the soundtrack is part of my writing playlist: 

Final Fantasy X is one of my favorite Epics. 

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