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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Overcoming fear

I have many fears. Some I have conquered, especially in the last two years, but there is one fear, possibly very common, that I still have trouble with.
This fear is deep, going back years ago, even to elementary school, but being a writer, and an optimist, I believe that I will be able to conquer it.
Fear is something that every protagonist must face in stories, from fairytales to novels and movies to T.V. shows. Especially in video games.
Fear can be this obstacle that shows up and challenges you before you're ready.
But, you are always ready, because fear can teach you about yourself, and once you conquer fear, you feel like you can do anything.
I'm working on conquering this fear. And in researching how to overcome fear, I came across this video.
Olympia LePoint is an inspiration. She conquered her fear and learned from it.
She has three steps in reprograming the brain to overcome fear.
The first two are easy, but the last step is the most difficult. Taking action.
This is a powerful speech about believing in yourself, and not letting obstacles prevent you from achieving your goals.
It may take some time, but I will conquer this fear, and one day, I'll look back and be proud of how far I have come.

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