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Friday, June 12, 2015

Magical and mystical

I have heard much about the Outlander series, especially from the Tattered Cover Bookstore. Mom and I decided to start the TV series, and I was impressed.
This scene in particular, the Druid Dance is so beautiful.
The story itself is very interesting, and although the show is a bit gory (some 17th century medical and torture scenes) it's an amazing adventure and enticing historical drama.
The story starts in the 1940s, in Scotland, where Claire and her husband Frank are on their second honeymoon, celebrating the end of World War II. But ties to the mystical and historical soon unfurl, and Claire is sent on an adventure she could never have imagined, leading her to make difficult and life-changing decisions.
Thrown into Scotland in 1743, and taken in by the MacKenzie clan, Claire must decide how to survive the historic events that tie to her husband's ancestor, and a man named Jamie Fraser.

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