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Friday, July 26, 2013

To my soulmate. . .

Wherever you are,
Please don't give up on me.
In return I will promise
Not to give up on you.
Understand that I have scars
And I carry burdens and pain.
I hate silence,
Unless it is warm.
I won't give up easily,
Even in the roughest storm.
I hope these words reach you.
No matter how cheesy they are.
I would like to think
That you're near instead of far.
I believe that love is unconditional.
Not something you can buy.
Not something that has rules.
Not a life built on a lie.
I believe that relationships aren't perfect.
They are laughter and shouting.
Dancing and crying.
But they are worth it,
As long as we don't stop trying.
I want to believe I am not alone.
Maybe you do too.
So I will do all I can
To find and love you.

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