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Saturday, July 13, 2013

On Taking Opportunities

"Everyone is living his life for the first time. The world has hidden transforming points in life. If you make them your opportunities, then you will not have regrets about your life." - Cyrano

This is probably the best quote I have come across in a long time. Another piece of wisdom that really speaks to the heart and reveals a wisdom beyond pride and ego.  We all have those moments where things didn't go as planned. Most likely we made mistakes, got hurt or even became humiliated. 
These events, even though they are painful, teach us something important as we grow. I'd like to believe this anyway. 
Every event that has left me with regret, a broken heart or even wounded pride are the events I remember, and the events I expect in the future. But I never took time to reflect on these events, and what I learned from them. Instead I was caught up in the pain and humiliation, only thinking of how horrible these events were to me. 
But I need to remember that these events are important, and they have taught me more about life, the world and myself than I can even comprehend. 
Regret, I think, is caused by not doing what you really wanted to do in the present moment. It's not so much of a "what if?" as a "why didn't I do that?" 
I know that people say to live in the present and forget the past. You can't be worried about the future all the time either. So where do you stand in that jumble of Past, Present and Future, in order to make the most of your life? You can't always expect the best, but you can't always expect the worst either. And, in certain situations, you should not expect anything. 
Maybe these are ramblings, but finding balance within these thought processes has always been a challenge in my life, and most likely everyone else's. But there are some people who seem to have no regrets. They really do live in the moment. They don't analyze or think about what might happen. They don't worry. They just have fun!
It is these people that I envy the most. That mind set is just not a simple thing for me to achieve. Yet, I envy them. I admire them. I wish I could be them. 
I want to live my life, yet I feel like I haven't even begun. Sure, I have good memories, but I do have regrets. I have fears. I have doubts. This is normal. I'm sure. But unlike me, some people don't let these things become obstacles. Instead, they face that fear. They ignore their negative thoughts. They just go for it! Whatever it is. Maybe one day, I can be like that. 
Speaking your mind is one thing. Actually pursuing something you want is another. 

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