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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Love: A poem

You've been on my mind lately.
Will you find me?
Or will I find you?
Maybe we can meet in the middle.
I've heard stories about you.
I've heard rumors.
You exist.
You don't.
It's like you're there
but you're not there 
all at once.
I thought I found you
but I was wrong.
So for awhile
I believed that you only existed 
in fairytales,

The opposite of reality.

But lately . . .
even after my bitter years.
Years wasted on an idea.
In pursuit of a dream
I knew would never come true.
I want to be wrong.

They say you're blind.
They say you're a miracle.
They say so many things about you.
You're an illusion.
A trap.
A dream.
A rumor.

But now
I want to believe in you.
I want to believe that you exist.
Hopefully in reality.
But to find you
I will have to be brave.
To acknowledge you
I will have to accept the past.
To even believe that you exist
I must go beyond what I already know.
I must believe in something
I couldn't.

People claim to know you.
People die for you.
Stories revolve around you.
Music is you.
You are the greatest lesson in the world.
You are the hope in the world.
You are something beyond words.
You are beautiful.

if I begin to change.
If I begin to believe.
If I acknowledge your presence.
If I decide to make you fact instead of fiction.
What will happen?
Will you find me?
Will I find you?
Or will we meet in the middle?

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