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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Words of wisdom for the worried heart

"If you don't give up on getting there, then you're not on the wrong road. . . If you worry about it, think about it, eventually pick a road and walk down it. Then there's no way it isn't connected somehow to the place you're looking for."
Dengeki Daisy

It's funny that the first time I read this quote, I actually took it on the surface, but there is a deeper meaning behind it. There are times when you wonder if you chose the right path, especially after graduation and other huge steps in life. But in reality you will pick a path that benefits you somehow. It may not be the path you expect, and it may even give you doubts about your decision, but ultimately you made the decision to go down that particular path for a reason. This reason may not reveal itself right away. I'm beginning to learn this as I reflect the past when I made some difficult decisions. Not only does this quote talk about the benefits of making a decision. It is also talking about the importance of the decision itself. Everything that makes you who are is based on decisions you've made and the true desire to achieve a goal, whether big or small.
This may seem like common sense, but it is easier said than done. Other obstacles get in the way. Regret, self doubt, grudges, criticisms, and many other emotions can cloud your judgement and make you forget who you should really listen to in order to make your decision.
It's pointless to worry about whether or not you chose the right path or made the right decision, as long as you trust in yourself and accept the lessons you learned along the way.

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