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Monday, October 3, 2011

Writing Prompt 20 : Who am I?

Prompt: Write about a question that looms in your mind right now.

Who am I?
This question is not easy to answer, and it takes a long time for anyone to understand what it means. Everyday we go about our lives, discovering new talents and making new discoveries about our identities. We can be defined by name, family, occupation and social status, but as time goes on, we learn that we can't really answer this question with that simple of an answer.
Awhile back I posted a quote of my own, "It doesn't take a day to discover yourself. It takes a lifetime." I still believe that this is true. You won't know who you are until you experience life and learn from your actions. But even then, can you truly ever find an answer to this question?
I was never able to fit myself into any category at school, work or even within my family. I shared many different interests with a variety of people, and I drifted from one social group to the next, never truly feeling that I belonged. So when I ask the question, "Who am I?", what am I really asking? What am I? What do I do?
So many strange definitions of people can be used to define someone, but it never covers the entire scope of someone's identity. Another factor to include in reflecting over this question, is the simple fact that people change. These changes can also reform our identities and cause us to define ourselves with what we know.
For example, I know my interests, hobbies and my name, but does that tell me who I am?
I know this is a philosophical question, and I have probably asked it before. Still, whenever I am faced with a major change, thrown out of a comfort zone, or preparing for a new way of life, I often ask this question . . . and wonder at the answer.

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