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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Writing Prompt 19 : Change

Prompt: Is true change possible if someone resists?

Being a person who resisted change, I am positive that change is still possible, even you resist. It one of hardest lessons to learn in life: that the one constant in life is change. It is one experience that will happen no matter how long you resist. Even if you do not change, people around you will change, buildings will change, your perspective on life will change. Sometimes you will change with out even realizing that you have. It can often depend on the awareness you have of yourself, and the awareness you have of the world. Someone told me, just the other day that the one thing humans like to do is resist change. It is the fear of the unknown that can cause people to resist change. I know that was my reason for trying to stay the same. But the truth is, even when I felt I had not changed, I was changing. In many ways, you change whenever you learn, and it is common for a person to learn at least one new thing everyday. The more you learn, the more you grow and change. It can be understandable that someone would want things to stay the same, but I know now that wishing that is illogical. If nothing changed, life would be boring and predictable. Without that difference in our lives, we would go crazy. We would never learn anything new, and we would never be able to improve ourselves.
A person may convince their self that they are not changing, but in truth they are lying to themselves, and it is their perspective on the world that has not changed. Not changing your perspective can be a dangerous way to live. It can cloud your judgement and slow your process of maturing. Change may not be easy to handle, but it is usually necessary, at least when concerning a person's attitude in life. Learning from mistakes, taking chances and improving yourself are natural ways of life. Depending on the situation, true change is possible, even if the person resists and refuses to accept that change. The people around them may notice that they have changed regardless of how many times the person denies it. The only way to accept change, is to realize that change is necessary, and to realize that even if you resist change, you cannot stop it.

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