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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Taking a Shot: A Riarkle Fanfiction


Riarkle prompt please. Farkle decides to try out for lacrosse and Riley goes to his practice and cheers him on even though he's not that good.

"What are we doing here?" Maya asked. 

Riley pulled her friend toward the bench. 

Riley took a seat in the stadium, watching the boys on the field. Lacrosse, an interesting sport, and one that she knew Farkle had been curious about. 

"I'm not watching this," Maya said. 

"Come on Maya, Farkle was there for my cheerleading tryouts." 

"Yeah, I don't think I could ever forget that. Did you really take the coach's doughnut?"  

Riley laughed. 

"Yeah, that was a fun day," Riley said as Maya looked at her. 

"Maybe it was fun for you," Maya said, crossing her arms. 

"It was, and today Farkle needs our support," Riley told the restless blonde. 

"But he didn't tell us about this," Maya said, finally sitting down. 

"I know," Riley replied, folding her hands in her lap, "That's why we're here." 

Maya looked at Riley, and Riley raised a brow. 

"How many times is Farkle there for us?" she asked her. 

"Well there was that time freshman year," Maya said. 

Riley sighed. 

"Well, I'm here for Farkle, and you should be too. Didn't you say he's always been there for us?" Riley asked, looking pointedly at Maya.  

"Yeah, okay. You're right," Maya said with a sigh. 

The game began, and Riley spotted Farkle wearing a number ten jersey, holding a lacrosse stick and looking nervous. 

"Yeah, he's dead meat," Maya said. 

"Maya!" Riley scolded, "Is that anyway to support someone?" 

Maya shrugged. 

"I said the same thing about you, Riles," Maya told her, "when you tried out for cheerleading." 

As the game began, Riley watched the players take their positions. She spotted Farkle immediately and when the whistle blew, she held her breath. 

From what Riley read, Lacrosse could be a dangerous sport. As she watched Farkle, she thought about the probability of injury. 

Suddenly, the ball landed right in front of him. 

"Go, Farkle!" Riley shouted. It might have been a mistake.

Farkle looked at her, his eyes wide, and then he saw the ball in front of him. He scooped it up in the lacrosse stick and made his way toward the other players. 

As a player from the other team tackled Farkle, Riley winced. He had lost the ball. 

As Farkle stood up, Riley smiled. He was okay. 

The whistle blew as the other team scored a goal, and Riley sighed. 

"Maybe you shouldn't have cheered so loud," Maya told her. 

"Why?" Riley asked.

Maya sighed. 

"You really don't know, do you, Riles?" 

Riley just looked at her. When Maya didn't say anything, she turned away to face the field again. 

She could tell Farkle was nervous, because his leg was shaking. 

"Well, now's a good time then," Riley said, "Before they blow the whistle." 

She took a deep breath, then stood up in the stands. 

She remembered the cheer from halloween, years ago. 

"Farkle! Farkle! Gonna Sparkle!" She cheered. 

Maya groaned. 

But Riley watched Farkle. His leg stopped shaking, and he smiled. 

"Huh," Maya said, "How did you know that would work?" She asked Riley. 

"Because he's Farkle," Riley said. 

The whistle blew, and the game started again. 

Riley watched as Farkle moved a lot smoother on the field.

"Riles," Maya said, "he's doing better." 

"Of course he is," Riley said. 

They watched the game, and when the ball landed in front of Farkle again, he scooped it up without hesitation, and ran. 

Riley's heart raced as Farkle made his way toward the goal. The other team chasing after him. 

When he stood in front of the goalie, Riley tensed. 

"Take the shot!" Riley shouted, and Maya smiled. 

Farkle shot the ball in the net, and Riley clapped and cheered. 

She looked over at Maya who was smiling. 

"I never thought I'd see the day," Maya said, "Farkle. An athlete." 

"Maya," Riley said with a laugh, "Don't you remember eighth grade?" 

"Barely," Maya said. 

"Nothing's impossible if you take a shot," Riley told her. 

"And Farkle just did," Maya said. 

"Yeah," Riley replied, "he did." 

Riley ran toward Farkle when the game was over. He averted her gaze until she gently lifted his chin. 

"Farkle?" Riley asked, "What's wrong?" 

"We lost, Riley!" Farkle said, his frustration echoing in his tone. 

"I know," Riley replied. 

"So, why are you smiling?" he asked. 

"Because you scored a goal, Farkle," Riley said. 

"Yeah, I did, but we didn't win," Farkle said. "I might not make the team." 

Riley sighed. She knew that Farkle was too hard on himself. 

"Farkle," Riley said, "answer honestly. Did you ever think you'd score a goal today?" 

"No," Farkle said. 

"But you did. Do you know why?" 

"I don't know." 

"Because you took a shot, Farkle. You tried. You learned." 

"But we didn't win." 

"That doesn't matter," Riley said. 

"Yeah I know," Farkle replied, "It doesn't matter to you, but it will to the coach." 

"I'm sure the coach will say something, but you should be proud. You just did something that you thought was impossible." 

Farkle stared at her for a moment. Her brown eyes shown in admiration. 

"You're right," Farkle said with a grin, "I did." 

"Yeah, that was pretty cool, Farkle," Maya said. 

"Thanks guys. That means a lot." 

"I knew you could do it," Riley said, tilting her head. 

"Why?" Farkle asked. 

"Because, you're Farkle," Riley said. 

"But we lost because I'm not strong," Farkle said, "I probably didn't make the team." 

Riley shook her head. 

"Whether you make the team or not, you are strong, Farkle. Do you know why?" 

Farkle just stared at her. 

"Why?" Farkle asked, his eyes searching hers. 

"Because you tried," Riley said. 

"But that's not strength, Riley." 

"It is," Riley told him, "just not the usual kind. One that is often overlooked." 

"Are you just saying that?" Farkle asked. 

"No, I'm not," Riley said, " Farkle, once you focus on a goal, you never give up. That kind of strength is not something you see every day." 

"I guess that's true," Farkle said, "but I still have one question." 

Riley's brows furrowed. 

"How did you guys know I was here?"

"Riley figured it out," Maya said with a smile. 

"But I didn't tell anyone," Farkle told them, "I didn't want you to see me lose." 

"You didn't have to tell us, Farkle," Riley said. 

"Riley wanted to be there for you," Maya said. 

"Just like you've been there for me," Riley told him, "I hope you're not upset."

"I'm not upset, Riley," Farkle said, "but I am confused." 

"Do you remember what happened when I tried out for cheerleading?" Riley asked. 

Farkle winced. 

"I don't think I'll forget it," he answered truthfully. 

"You guys were there for me, even though I failed over and over again." 

"But you tried, again and again," Farkle said with a smile. 

"No matter how hard we tried to convince you to stop," Maya said. 

"That's right. I'm stubborn that way," Riley said. 

"So, I guess Riley wanted to return the favor," Maya said, "But she wasn't surprised when you scored a goal." 

"You weren't?" Farkle asked. 

Riley shook her head and smiled. 

"Why?" He asked her. 

"Because, I knew you would do your best," Riley said. "I'm proud of you, Farkle."

Farkle smiled, and Riley hugged him. 

"Thanks, Riley." Farkle told her. 

"Anytime," Riley replied. 

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