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Saturday, March 19, 2016


Why do I worry?
What purpose 
does it serve? 
All it does
is get on my
last nerve. 
From day to day
living in fear
Some are things far
Some are things near
The future, the present
So much to think
from a big thunder storm
to a single blot of ink.
It's such a waste
such time
and such energy
going down the drain
with every
and every alarm. 
It's time that I rediscover
Life's little charms. 
The good times
the wonders
and all of the fun.
That when I was a child
it had only begun. 
Sometimes a problem
can only be solved
by ridiculous words
and happiness evolved. 
Because the worry
all comes from me
only I can discover
what will set me free. 
So waste not
worry not
and try to enjoy
the life that you have 
and the thoughts you employ. 

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