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Sunday, August 24, 2014


So this is life. 
It's ups and downs.
Laughter and tears. 
A combination of dizziness and stability. 
That moment when you look to the stars. 
That feeling that everything will be okay. 
The chaos before the order. 
The painful yet necessary process of growth.
The blessings and curses. 
All of it, in one package, always there, beckoning. 
Some days are easy. 
Some days are hard, but they are all worth it. 
But what's most important, at the end of the day, is love. 
Love for yourself. 
Love for your family. 
Love for your friends. 
Love in the form of smiling at strangers. 
Doing something nice for them. 
Going the extra mile. 
Sometimes you take a step back. 
Sometimes you leap into the unknown. 
It all depends on your attitude, your mindset. 
Your story begins with you. 
How you choose to view the world. 
How you choose to see it. 
Whether you are foolish to be wise.
Wise to be foolish. 
Life is all around you. 
It's not always what you want. 
It's what you need. 
Who you want to be. 
Who you are. 

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