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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Something Blue 12

On "Blue" moments

There are times when things hit you. A past event or a fragile memory creeps into your daily routine and challenges all your knowledge of yourself. I experienced such a moment today after class. There are many sayings that tell you not to think of the past, but sometimes it's hard. Not all memories of the past are sad, but the absence of those times catch up with you after a while. It could be anything. A friend you never see anymore, a relative who has passed on or even a happy moment in a tough time of your life can be remembered. I think every once in a while, these "blue" moments help us realize how much we've changed and how fast time has moved. It all starts with memory. A word, a phrase or an occurrence can spark a time in your life that you remember when you knew less about the world. Sometimes these moments are useful and opportune to reflection of the self. Other times these moments become a curse, reminding us how much we have lost. The paths of life are never clear, however if you're thinking of someone in your life, chances are they think of you too. They might not say so, or act that way, but just as people influence change in you, you influence change in others. During these "blue" moments, maybe it is best to remember what you had and cherish the memory. Perhaps this is the best way to view hard times and to build yourself up for the future.

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  1. You are so thoughtful. I know exactly what you mean. I think that the good memories help us through the bad ones. Try to remember 2 or 3 good memories when you think of a bad one. I need to do this too. I should take my own advise. haha.
    Sometimes it is harder to listen to yourself when you are giving advise to others.