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Friday, November 25, 2016

Moana: A Movie Review

Moana is a beautiful tribute to the Polynesian culture and an epic coming of age tale. 

Since she was born, Moana of Motunui has been drawn to the ocean, but as the chief's daughter she has a role to play. When the island begins to decay, Moana is given a new role, the savior of her people. She must find the demigod Maui and convince him to right a terrible wrong. But Maui is not just any demigod. He is a cunning trickster, who wants nothing more than human praise. 
This task turns into an important journey, with many lessons along the way. 

As Moana tests her limits, learns things that she can do, and listens to her own intuition, she discovers one of the most important things in life, and one of the most difficult. There is power in knowing who you truly are. 

This entire movie was beautiful, from the animation to the music. The eloquent sounds of Te Vaka, and the clever lyrics of Lin-Manuel Miranda add an extra dimension to the tale.  With interesting characters, and a clean-cut storyline, this film is one of the best Disney movies in a long time. The mythology is amazing, and the history compelling. 

I recommend this film to people of all walks of life. It is a voyage of self discovery. 
Five out of five conch shells.