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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Jupiter Ascending: A movie review

SciFi is a fun and exciting genre. It can be imaginative, educational and exciting. But good SciFi can be rare and difficult to find. 
Jupiter Ascending was a fun adventure, where you weren't quite sure what was going on, but you were along for the ride. There were a lot of interesting plot points, some crazy chase and action scenes, and some awkward but funny bits of dialogue. 
I enjoyed this movie, because it had a lot of imagination. Parts of the film reminded me of Final Fantasy and the main idea of the story is very relatable, especially to teenage girls who don't like their life. 
It's the fun and crazy YA novel that we would come across in the bookstore, but after reading, we are left with so many questions:

Why were there people after Jupiter's father?
What is the Abraxis family's story?
Why did Cain bite a royal?
How many other planets have humans in danger of harvesting?
Can Jupiter save the other humans, and not just Earth?
Are we getting a sequel?

The world of this story was interesting, and it left much for the audience to wonder. I hope there's a sequel that will clear up the plot's confusion. 

Other than that, it was visually stunning with scenes in space, gorgeous fashion and fancy designs. There were a few intense scenes that terrified me (The hospital scene and the lady on the royal carriage, clearly alive and attached to it by wires and plugs) Some scenes didn't make any sense. (One word: Titus)  And some completely pointless changes in costume (Jupiter's overdressed line was great). But this film showed promise for an interesting world, and an intriguing history. 

I'd say it was about three out of five pairs of space hoover boots.

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