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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Enchanted Ivy by Sarah Beth Durst: A book review

"you must find the Ivy Key" (19). This is the ultimate test that Lily must pass in order to be accepted at Princeton University. But she is in for more than a pop quiz! With mentions of magic and her father, Lily is soon thrown into a complex mystery that has very few clues. Should she believe that the magic is real? Or is it a hoax set up by her grandfather's old college friends? To add to the confusion, she seems to be followed by a college boy with orange and black hair who claims to be her guard. She only has a few days to solve this puzzle and the clock is ticking.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's been awhile since I couldn't put a book down and became immersed in an interesting story. Durst knows what she is doing when it comes to the realm of magic and the real world. With a mystery to keep you guessing and plenty of action and suspense, Enchanted Ivy
is a fresh story in the teen fiction genre. Lily is an interesting teen and her family seems to consist of a mother and a grandfather. With a strong sense of responsibility, Lily takes the challenge and begins to learn more about herself than she would have ever guessed. With a few companions and more enemies than she realizes, Lily must solve the mystery to achieve her dreams.
I give this book five out of five talking statues :) I'll be reading this one again!

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