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Thursday, March 24, 2016

International Puppy Day!

It's international puppy day! So I thought I'd share my favorite puppies :) 

Number 1 on my list is my dog Haley when she was a puppy! She was adorable. 

Next up is Oddball! She didn't have spots, but she had courage! 

Lucky was always my favorite from 101 Dalmatians. He was so cute and I loved that his spots were shaped like a horse shoe. 

Puppy Pluto is pretty adorable.

Stitch! Does Stitch count? Anyway, he's so cute! 

Lady! Lady was such an adorable puppy! 

Pooka! Was Pooka a puppy? I was never quite sure. 

Bolt! Bolt was so adorable with his squeaky carrot ^_^

Copper! He was such a cute hound dog! 

Aleu! I would have adopted her in a heartbeat! 

It is wonderful to live in a world with puppies :) And kittens of course . . . and bunnies . . . 
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the cute! 

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Why do I worry?
What purpose 
does it serve? 
All it does
is get on my
last nerve. 
From day to day
living in fear
Some are things far
Some are things near
The future, the present
So much to think
from a big thunder storm
to a single blot of ink.
It's such a waste
such time
and such energy
going down the drain
with every
and every alarm. 
It's time that I rediscover
Life's little charms. 
The good times
the wonders
and all of the fun.
That when I was a child
it had only begun. 
Sometimes a problem
can only be solved
by ridiculous words
and happiness evolved. 
Because the worry
all comes from me
only I can discover
what will set me free. 
So waste not
worry not
and try to enjoy
the life that you have 
and the thoughts you employ. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Zootopia: A Movie Review

For many years, great lessons have been passed down to people of all ages through the stories known as fables. In a fable, morals of every day life are represented through the actions of animals. From the Lion and the Mouse to the Tortoise and the Hare, stories have taught us the values of living, and the impact of our choices in every day life. 
Zootopia is a brilliant modern day fable, and some of the best writing I have seen from Disney in a very long time! I can easily praise this film's well rounded characters, imaginative yet familiar world and the valuable lesson that the story tells. 
Judy Hopps is a young bunny with a dream, and she follows that dream completely. Her actions, and her choices really make the film special, but she doesn't carry the story of the movie alone. Nick Wilde, a clever and sly fox has his own tale woven into the plot, but it's not obvious at first glance. These two characters make such a team, and their team work made the movie for me. Both of these characters were well written, and their personalities, although very different, fill in what the other is lacking from resourcefulness to adaptability.
I would argue that this film is my favorite new Disney film so far. Big Hero 6 is a close second. 
Go see it! Everyone should see this movie, because it is so important to recognise the impact of your choices, and your perspective on life. Now, more than ever, we have so many problems that relate to the conflict in this film, but the way the conflict is solved, that's something we all can do. It's a beautiful message  told in a creative and clever way. Go see this movie! 
Five out of five carrots!