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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fairy Tale Door

It's a secret hideaway. Each wish and dream that hides behind it becomes a story of its own. If I could escape behind that door, to a world where I can wish, dream, live and imagine. To create a journey of my own, and walk through a world, where I can solve all my problems. A place to have all my own, where I have the ability to face my problems, solve them, learn from them and move on. Where everything I wish and dream can happen, and will happen. A place of magic, imagination, wonder and awe. Behind that door lies a different world than my own. A world with problems I can solve. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Divine tears

The sun hides
behind the clouds.
Soft thunder 
This is my heart's 
Whenever I'm lonely,
watching people pass by,
these clouds come
from nowhere
blocking the sky.
As each tear falls,
the rain
patters on the ground.
The humans think
it strange.
But I know
the rain
is my aching
heart's sound.
To understand
the way human's live
is something 
no one can give.
This lonely creature,
lost in the rain
is simply a divine being
expressing sadness and pain

(Inspired by the Korean Gumiho Legends)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Miho Polyvore Set: Fox Rain

I've been watching Gu Family Book lately, but I also remembered another Korean drama about a Gumiho. I loved Miho's outfit in the series, and I finally found the pieces to complete the look. I bought the dress at Charlotte Russe, but I'm afraid the plaid shirt was more complicated than I realized. I finally found one at a thrift store, and now I can cosplay as Miho anytime!

In the set, the white dress and plaid shirt make up Miho's outfit. I added the fairy tale book for the Little Mermaid reference. The perfume bottle represents the one Miho kept her sacred orb in. The fox ring was just too cute to pass up, and the flats seemed to fit her character. I added the rain for obvious reasons :)

View the whole set here:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

People are People

People are People.
They live their own lives.
Which isn't a bad thing,
because everyone strives.
Everyone has a dream,
a wish,
a goal.
Yet stuff happens
whether big or small,
and some people
they let small things
ruin it all.
I do it too.
Unfortunately, it's human.
We all make mistakes.
It's natural,
normal, even.
We all view the world
through our own little lens
expecting other people
to make amends,
to understand,
to do all the work.
Then when they don't,
we call them a jerk.
So what does this say
about the human race?
One with many emotions
and only one "face"?
All of our secrets,
all of our lies.
Sometimes we scream them
or bottle them inside.
But one thing that's funny,
or maybe even sad;
if we accept who we are,
things might not be so bad.
So next time I think
someone is a jerk,
or things in my life
never seem to work,
I'll keep this in mind
and stick to it too.
People are People
You just be You.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Snow at Cinderella's Castle

Frosted trees dotted the area around the castle. Cinderella couldn't believe it. This was her first winter in her new home, and she wanted to explore the castle grounds right when she took a step out on the veranda. The clouds overhead almost melded with the snow, creating a beautiful scene. She noticed that the river had not completely turned to ice, and a few animals were still roaming in the bushes and walking through the forest. 
She watched the snow move with the wind, adding a sparkle to the air. It was like fairy dust, falling slowly to the ground. Some of it melted in the river, while some disappeared with more snow.
"What are you doing?"
The Prince smiled as Cinderella turned around, her eyes wide.
"You spent winter like this every year?"
"How else could I have spent it?" He said with a laugh, "Would you like to walk around?"
"Can we?"
"Of course!" The prince said, holding out his arm. Cinderella looped her arm through his and grinned as the walked toward the forest.
"When I was little," Cinderella said, "My father used to take me ice skating."
"You haven't ice skated since?"
"I didn't have the time." Cinderella sighed, "I was always doing chores."
"Well now there's no time for chores," The prince said, "And I know the perfect spot for skating."
Cinderella smiled as they walked toward a frozen pond. 
"After you your majesty." The prince said with a bow.
"What about the skates?" Cinderella asked.
They both looked at each other and laughed.
"Let's go get some." The prince said, offering his hand.
Together, they walked back to Cinderella's new home.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


No, my life is not as difficult as many other lives out there, but that doesn't mean I have the answers. The people this post is directed to, won't even read this. They are too busy living their lives, like most people, which is fine, except for the part where they expect me to face reality all the time, while they live in their own world, lost in an irrational dream where they are never wrong or it's never their fault.
So how do you deal with people like this? If they don't listen, then the argument has started before it's even begun. If you know they won't listen, why do you keep pursuing the argument?
If there is one thing I have learned, it's that you can't and never will be able to change people. The only person you can change is yourself. So why is it your fault that they live in their own little world? Because you are threatening their view of reality. Their dream is their reality, and the entire world revolves around them, no exceptions. They are free to do whatever, whenever and blame whoever they want if they do something wrong.
How do you deal with people like this? Especially if you have to, day after day, just wishing that they would actually care that you might have a point to what you tell them, which starts to sound like a broken record? Can you just shut your emotions off? Can you just stop caring about the injustice of situations? Is it really that easy? Does it make you a bad person if you think it will help them? Does it make it your fault when the argument is the equivalent of banging your head against a brick wall?
I looked this up and they say that you should leave the situation. Fair enough, but it's not so simple in my case. I'm kind of stuck at the moment, until I can move on. So how do I cope with this? How can I at least make my time spent with them as pleasant as possible in the situation? Without pretending, and feeling awful afterwards. Without feeling it's my fault, when deep down I know there is nothing I can do?
Maybe if I had the answer to this problem, I could solve the majority of issues I face right now. Maybe I could even become an expert to help others and discover a way that doesn't involve ridiculous arguments over the same topic that has built up for years and years. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Two Worlds: One city

Yuna stood at the edge of the crumbling city. Pyreflies surrounded the rubble, and their short songs echoed through the dark and deserted place. She didn't like coming here, be she felt that she had to. It reminded her of him, Tidus. To Yuna, Zanarkand wasn't just a city of ruins, or even the former temple of Yunalesca. It was Tidus's home. He had described it to her countless times. The lights on in every tall building. The great Blitzball stadium where people came to watch Tidus, star player of the Zanarkand Abes. People would run on the giant walkways. Kids would play on a platform surrounded by stars. He had always told her that she should see it. She caught a glimpse of his world when Seymour showed them the memory sphere. It had seemed so amazing! People rushed past her. Signs flashed and whooshed by as they watched the sphere fly through the city. It was full of life instead of memories of the dead. Bright and thriving instead of dark and desolate. If she stood there long enough and closed her eyes, Yuna could almost see what Tidus saw. She could walk where he had walked and imagine people, tall buildings and bright lights. She she walked among the pyreflies, she could see the busy street, the great statues guarding the stadium, and the giant sphere of water that made the Blitzball Stadium. It was all so beautiful, and yet it was sad. She missed him. Sometimes she would expect him to walk around the corner or run up to her with one of his smiles. At the time, nothing mattered while they journeyed together, but now Yuna knew they were from different worlds. 
She whistled, then brushed away a tear. He wasn't coming back. Not here. She would have to find him another way. Still, she thought she heard his whistle, as if it came from far away. But the sound could also have been an echo of her own whistle, just as Tidus was now an echo of an amazing dream. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013


We held hands as the sky lit up with reds, oranges and blues. It was funny how one little vacation and one small moment out of all that time guarding the parks would be so perfect. As the music played, the fireworks danced, and Cinderella's castle became an outline compared to the bright lights and smoke. I knew Finn was smiling without even looking at him. Wayne would be somewhere cheering with each sucessful boom in the sky. 
"Amanda? You ok?"
Finn looked at me, and I realized that I had a single tear in my eye. After all we'd been through. After Maleficent, Chernabog, Ursula and Frollo, Finn and I had been able to conquer any obstacle in our way and honor Walt Disney's dream to keep the parks a safe and happy place. 
"I'm fine." I said. I could feel my cheeks burning. If Jez were here, she would have never let me hear the end of this. 
"You sure?"
I squeezed his hands and nodded. 
"It's just nice to know the parks are safe."
Finn gave me a lopsided grin and nodded.
"Yeah. Old Wayne can finally relax."
A sequence of cracks turned our attention back to the castle. Th grand finale was in full swing. As the music reached a crescendo, I decided to join the fun. With a small spell, a bright blue firework burst in the shape of a star after all the fireworks were over.
"You did that didn't you?" Finn asked me.
"Well, I am a Fairlie aren't I?"
"Oh yeah? Well I'm superman!"
In a way, he was. By saving the parks from the Overtakers, Finn was a true hero and he'd always be in my eyes. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Next challenge: Castle script for WB

I am currently writing and editing a script for WB's Writer's Workshop. This should be done and turned in tomorrow. To all other writers and dreamers who enter the program, and even take up the Big Six Challenge, good luck and never give up!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Summoner

The summoner stood in the water, staring at the moon and sky. The world was now against her, calling her the traitor of Yevon who had doomed all of Spira to the wrath of Sin. The shimmering crystals  glow all around her, yet her shoulders are slumped, and she stares at the sky as if she has lost everything to her name. Even the most beautiful scene of lights and the moon's reflection couldn't distract her from the choice she had to make. Would she continue her pilgrimage? Would she give up and live for herself? 
Yuna. It hurt seeing her this way. She was always smiling, hiding her sadness and pain with a muffled laugh or a cheerful remark. If only I had known she was supposed to die. If only they had told me when I walked into that temple that I had to be careful what to say around her. 
I remembered that moment, one I still cherish, where we watched the sunset and I told her "after we beat Sin, that's when you can worry about the future." 
It must have been so painful for her. 
Kimahari stared at me as I walked toward the pond, every step careful and quiet. With a nod of his head, Kihamari said it all. It was okay, I could pass, and he knew that Yuna might want some company. 
I stood there for a moment, not knowing what to say. "I'm sorry" didn't seem good enough. And the words I really wanted to say, I knew they just wouldn't help.  She had been through so much with Seymour. Asking even more of her, especially in that department would not do anything to heal her pain. I wanted to be there for her. I wanted to make her smile again, and let her know that whatever she decided, I would support her. But I didn't want to interrupt this moment she seemed to be having, thinking about the world, and herself, possibly for the first time. 
Words at this time were useless, but I was still standing there, not moving, wondering what to do. Finally, I decided that I would do what I always did, plunge in head first without thinking. I dove in the water, and let the pieces fall where they would. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Ruins of Mount Gagazet

I stepped off the airship and onto the strange crumbling floor of Mount Gagazet's temple. Tidus, you've never been here. For some reason, these ruins appeared after Sin was defeated, and you well . . . you know. I've tried to move on, and Rikku has helped me more than she can ever know. We're traveling the world,  visiting different places in Spira. Places I would never have seen if I stayed a summoner. This temple, I think you would like it. You always did make a game out of every temple we went to. But this temple doesn't have an aeon. It even has machina! Brother and Rikku found this rock fromation hovering over Mount Gagazet. Khimari guards it well, leading what is left of the Ronso, and protecting this sacred ground. Up here, so close to the stars and moon, I feel like you're with me. I turn around, expecting to see you stare open mouthed at the waterfalls that fall through the clouds, and the floating rocks, similar to Djose where the lightning held them in place. There's even a platform elevator, but when we pressed the button, the results were . . . disasteriffic. Brother has been so kind, and he's allowed me to hide from the people who want me in power. 
I know if you were here, you wouldn't want that at all. Maybe you would want to travel, like me. See all of Spira, and explore areas we didn't even know about during our journey. We both know what too much power can do. As long as I'm here, I want to protect our places. The ruins of Zanarkand and the Macalania Forest. Even the Moonflow that you wanted to see at night. Each place I visit, and each sphere I find brings me closer to you. It had to be you. Why else would I feel like you're here, even now, waiting for me to bring you back? There has to be a reason. A reason this temple hoveres in the sky. A reason it reminds me of Zanarkand, the one you told me about, and why I'm not afraid to look down from the edge of the stone floor and see nothing but clouds and sky. It's beautiful, and maybe one day, I can bring you here to see the details of the statues, pillars and steps. I just know you'd love it. You might even be here, right now, guiding me to get back to you.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lake Bresha

The stationary Falcie stares at me, seeming to laugh at my situation. Ten minutes ago, the Falcie held you captive, and we got there, just in time to see you complete your focus. Serah, you're frozen in crystal now. Your fiancĂ© is driving me up the wall, talking about becoming your hero. Who is he kidding? We're not heroes. With the entire lake glittering in crystal, time itself has stopped, and hope has faded. Serah, if only I had listened to you. 
Why? Why did the Falcie choose you? Why a Falcie from Pulse? Now there are five of us, one just a kid, branded as a pawn to the gods. Branded as an outcast, just like you. The white surrounding us feeds the blank slate of my mind. This wasn't supposed to happen! My feet move on my own, without a thought. I don't even know where I'm going. 
I was supposed to reason with the Falcie, protect you from these Cieth and the people who would abandon you. You believed in me, and I let you down. Now what can I do? If we follow this road, if I team up with this kid named Hope, and your "hero" will we be able to save you? No matter how many battles I fight. No matter what I say to Snow, I have no choice but to keep going. If your "hero" says anymore crap about destiny and being your hero, I'm going to punch him in the face. 
Haven't I known you longer than he has? Don't I have a say in what you would want? I don't know what you see in him. He's like a child, always running in trouble, believing in empty promises. Why did you choose him? How could he possibly save you? Our days are numbered. Now we only have two choices. Follow the advice you gave us, or follow the Falcie's bidding. 
How can we save Coccoon? 
I walk past a giant wall of crystal and see my reflection in the cold cruel substance. How do we get out of this? What should I do? 
Hope starts introducing himself, and we start walking away from the ships hovering over the lake's remains. We're as good as dead if they find us, but that doesn't scare me. You're gone, and without my sister, I'm nothing. One stupid fight lead to this. How is that even possible?
They're talking, but I hardly hear the words. If I could escape this, if I could find a way to bring you back, it wouldn't happen here. For some reason, they all turn to me, Snow daring to call me "sis." It's enough to make me sick. The air gets colder the more we walk on. They want me to make a decision? Am I their leader now? Fine! If I have to go through this. If I have to redeem the wrong I did, then it's best to keep moving. I start walking, Hope following behind me like you used to, when you were my little sister, and that was all that mattered. 
Before I created this shell, mirrored by the crystal statue you've become, and the towering titan of stone staring down at me, I was a good person. My goal, to protect you, and be a good sister. Now, can I go back to that version of me? Hope expects this. He stares at me like I'm the only person in the group who knows what I'm doing. Has this outer shell become so real to other people. Even Snow seems to buy it. 
So be it. I'm a Lcie now, and I going to find a way to free you from your prison. It's better than doing what the Falcie expects me to do. This vision means nothing to me, but if I can save you, if I can become your big sis again then the journey I was forced on, would be worth it. 
"Let's go" I tell them. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Sunleth Waterscape

Noel and I fell from the time gate onto soft green moss. The Sunleth Waterscape. I remember Sazh telling me about this place, when he traveled with Vanille. It was not as green as he described, a soft orange tint was brushed on the leaves, and blue flowers grew instead of the red ones he mentioned. I looked at Noel who stared at the mini flan, as red as Sazh mentioned, but not as tall or threatening. This place had changed over the course of 300 years. Without the control of the falcie, the plants grew wild and even the crystal structures seemed taller than Sazh said. 
I looked at Noel, tense and stoic. Every once in a while I wondered if he smiled, or had even smiled in his life. The future he told me was grim and sad. A while ago, Snow and I realized he didn't even know what an amusement park was. Mog hovered by me, and uttered a soft "Kupo."
It was a wonder, this place, and even for a brief moment, I wanted to enjoy this time, traveling to different places and learning about them. 
Lightning, when I was sleeping in crystal, you went to different places, fought many battles and created a miracle. I know you're still alive, and that you sent Noel and Mog to me so I could find you. Noel reminds me of you, you know. He's so serious. You would laugh, but he's the polar opposite of Snow, and even when we travel to new and amazing worlds, he's always focused on the task at hand. I hope, even if he hides it, that he enjoys himself  even for a little while on this journey. We're going to change the future, I'm going to bring you back. After all, you saved me. You never gave up on saving me. Now it's my turn to save you. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Secret Hideaway

Talia ran to the edge of the shore, between the pillars, sat down and watched the stars. She had managed to get away from the hustle and bustle of the moon market, just as the traveling gypsies began to perform and distract Sierra, the head maid of the palace from seeing her slip away. 
She sighed deeply, letting the fresh air suround her and the waves crash toward her feet. The Ruins were a forbidden place, but something had always drawn her here, to this very spot, where the palace was smaller than her fist, and the atmosphere was warm, peaceful and magical. The great structure of the ancient city towered above her, reminding her that she wasn't the only person who set foot here. When she could, Talia would make up stories of the people and how the Moonstone capital came to be, long before it was destroyed. The real reason for these ruins was a mystery, long before she was born, the stories of  hauntings, starnge happenings and the spectors people saw from the pillars kept people from exploring the area. But she wasn't afraid, in fact she belonged here. She just knew it. From the beautiful view to the stories of magic and mystery, the Ruins had become Talia's secret hideaway. She let the ring of flowers drop into the water, and watched it float away. Every time Talia came to this spot, she dreamed of living a life among the ruined garden, soft beach sand and the towering pillars of the capital. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Lion

Stella watched the night sky from the rocky cliff, only a few miles from the kingdom. The moon was full, and its light reflected on the water behind hazy clouds surrounded by stars.
"Why are you here, your highness?"
Stella turned and saw a great big lion, wearing a collar with the kingdom's colors on it walking toward her. 
"Leo!" she smiled. The lion had always been her best friend and guardian, since she could remember.
He walked up to her, and she stroked his mane. 
"You know the king and queen don't want you out here at night." Leo said, staring right at her.
Stella laughed and stared back at his crystal blue eyes. 
"They know I won't go far." She said, scratching under the lion's chin. "Besides, Luna knows where I am."
"It was Luna who told me where you were." the lion said sternly. "You know that you must be careful." Stella could see the entire kingdom. The starlit stream, and the Yue forest. 
She sighed. "It's only for a little while." She stared at the sky and turned away from him. 
"Look at the stars Leo." Stella said. Leo stood behind her and she reached up to scratch his chin again. 
"Each star is far away, but we can admire them from here, just outside the palace."
As she said this, the night sparks came out, one by one, and danced through the sky, mimicking the stars.
"The stars guide us" Leo said, and Stella could hear the smile in his voice. "As long as we protect the Lunar Kingdom, The Stellar Alliance will remain a peaceful cluster of stars and moons."
"But our visitors today. . . " Stella said. She remembered the cold eyes and strange customs of the Dark Lunar guests. Although they announced that they wanted to join the Alliance, Stella didn't like the look in their eyes. The gaunt looking king and queen and their servants didn't comfort Stella as her sister Luna, prepared to run the kingdom on her own. 
"Leo," Stella said, "Do you believe my sister will make a great queen?"
"Of course." Leo answered without hesitation.
"We'll have to protect her if something happens." Stella said, her thoughts drifting to the dinner party earlier that evening, and the warning bells ringing in her head.
"I will always be there for your sister," Leo said, "and I'll always protect you Stella."
Stella smiled and watched the night sparks follow the river through the Yue forest. 
"Thanks Leo." she whispered, "I'll protect you too."

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Lotus Garden -Arina's Sanctuary

The moonlight fell on the flowers, making them glow like stars. Arina sat at the edge of the flower shaped pool and stared at the lotus blossoms, as the soft music drifted through the air. Training was over, and now, just before bed, she had some time to relax, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the temple garden. 
She would often come here when she was small, and when she first arrived at the temple, under her master's wing, she declared this spot to be her favorite area in her new home. As she grew older, past ten, the master would smile at the end of her lessons, and send only a few guards with her as she went to sit by the water garden and watch the dragonflies weave in and out of lotus stems. Sometimes she would count the buds, and other times she would close her eyes and listen to the leaves rustle with a soft hum now and then from the dragonflies. If she were ever to have a sanctuary, a place where she could go when things became dificult, or even a spot to meditate after a long day, this was it. 
Here, in the safte and familiar garden, Arina could dream. She could dream that she was anyone she wanted to be. A performer like the women she saw at the traveling fair. A crafter who wove fine necklaces and carved beautfiful jade pendants. A nobleman's daughter, like the women in stories she read after a few hours of training. Here, she didn't have to be the faelin. She didn't have to be the figurehead of the temple, alongside her wise and kind master. She didn't have to be "the one" that everyone expected great things from. She could just simply be.
Like any person in the world, she could watch the stars, smell the water flowers, swat away a stray dragonfly  and listen to the lap of water against the edge of the pool. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bubbles and a Field of Flowers

They came when my eyes were closed. I would often run out to the field behind our summer house and find a cool spot of grass to lie on and face the sky. Today, clouds blocked the sun, but that didn't stop the children from next door. I heard their giggles and screams as I looked for a spot in the sky to stare at and forget the world. I closed my eyes for just a moment, listening to the flower stems shuffle from a soft breeze. Even if it rained, I wouldn't care. At that moment, I wanted to be alone, left with the faint sound of people in the distance, and the silent harmony of the flowers.
I opened my eyes, and that's when I saw them. Bubbles! When was the last time I blew bubbles? As I wondered this, more came, and I stayed where I was, watching a few pop on delicate flowers or land softly on a blade of grass. It amazed me how quiet they were. No one could hear them. 
When I was little, I imagined a whole world of memories was preserved in that one sphere, drifting wherever the wind blew it, and coming to an end at whatever destiny had in store. 
A friend once told me that you could carry laughter in a bubble. Even then, I thought it was ridiculous. But watching the colorful spheres play in the air, dodging flowers, bug and grass, I couldn't help but smile and giggle. Maybe laughter was carried in a bubble, and spread to the one who witnessed the bubble's end. 
"Stacy!" my sister called.
I knew that she passed the swing, where I had promised to be an hour ago. Another thing I learned when I was little was I could disappear in the flowers, and decide to reappear when I chose. My sister hated this power, and I heard her frantic footsteps coming toward me. 
I sighed, smiled once more at the buubles, stared a little longer to preserve the moment, then sat up to wave. The moment was over, just like a bubble, you're drifting along, then suddenly POP! you're back in reality. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

New Daily Prompt ideas "Story Inspiration"

It all starts with a pinterest board that I created called Story Inspiration. On it I post pictures that inspire me to write. Since I have run out of prompts, and my goal is to write everyday, I've decided to turn my pinterest board into a prompt machine. 

Now I am inviting all my readers, fellow writers and artists to post a picture on it that inspires them. Starting from the first picture, I will write about the photo or work of art in the order posted on my board. 

You can visit the board here: 

The necklace stared at me from the glass case. The art museum was crowded, and a strange chill enveloped the room despite the limited space I had to manuaver around the people. It was almost a hum, so soft you could barely hear it, that echoed in the back of my mind. 
Was the necklace glowing? I couldn't be sure as I stood there, waiting for someone else to notice. 
I looked around, but I couldn't see anyone calling my name. I turned back to the case. The necklace was gone! I waited for someone to say something, or freak out, but nothing happened. I took a step toward the next display, and that's when I saw him, a boy, around ten or twelve wearing a soft linen outfit straight out of the hieroglyphics next to the door. 
The boy beckoned toward the door, and I watched a strange man, wearing another Egyptian costume, walk through it, the necklace in his hand. Before I could think, I ran toward the door, and an emense heat blasted through me. I squinted through the brightness, and tried to touch the wall. I reached out, then fell. To my surprise, there was no wall, and my hands grasped shifting sand. I looked back. There was no door, and no one around for miles. I blinked, and nothing changed. I was still in sand, on my knees, and I had no idea where I was. I started to walk, watching my every step sink in the unstable sand. 
Finally, a pyramid appeared on the horizon. As I ran toward it, only two questions came to mind. Who was that boy? And, how did I end up  in Egypt?