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Saturday, October 27, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 25 - Who is your least favorite fairytale character and why?


I have never liked the fairy tale much, but in regards to the show, Cinderella never does anything for herself and complains all the time. The only scenes that Cinderella has been in, she's unhappy and complaining about something. First she wants her baby, which Emma does something about. Then she wants a break from the baby, which Ruby does something about. But even then she's not satisfied and she's complaining about never seeing her boyfriend enough, which Sean does something about. She lets life happen to her, but never does anything for herself. The only thing she did was break into Mr. Gold's shop, but even then she didn't do anything about the consequences. She makes herself a constant victim, always complaining, but never doing anything about it.

Friday, October 26, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 24: Who would be your three best friends in Storybrooke?

Belle, August/Pinocchio  and Henry.

All of them love stories in their own way. Belle likes books, so we could talk for hours about what we've read and swap books over iced tea. I love to write, and I would probably talk with August about how to overcome writer's block, draw inspiration from the world and listen to his stories of all the places he has seen. Henry believes in the power of stories and he likes fairy tales. We could talk about different versions of the fairy tales and what they mean.

I would probably hang around Mary Margret/Snow White and Emma also. They seem very cool in their different personalities. Mary Margret is nice and would probably have a lot of fun stories about classes she's taught, and her life as Snow White. Emma and I have a lot in common so I think we'd get along well and talk about believing in yourself and staying strong.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 23 : Make a graphic advertising OUAT

I chose to add Henry in the advertisement, because I think he is the most under-appreciated character in the series right now. It all started with Henry and the story book.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 22 - If you could meet an actor from the show, who would it be?

I would love to meet Ginnifer Goodwin. She seems very fun and down to Earth, and she loves Disney just as much as I do, if not more so. She also reads the Hunger Games, Harry Potter and loves fairy tale literature. I have a feeling we could talk for hours about books and movies. I thought it was cool that Snow White is her favorite princess and she read many different versions to prepare for her role. You can tell she enjoys being Snow White.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Venelope Von Schweez- Polyvore set for Becca ^_^

I made this set for my friend Becca who loves Venelope Von Schweez. I can't wait to see this movie ^_^
View the entire set here:

Day 21: What is your favorite Story Brooke storyline?

I have several.
I like when Hansel and Gretel find their father in "True North".  They achieved a happy ending, even during the curse, because they were always searching for each other.
I like Emma's story in "Desperate Souls." Her struggle to be there for Henry and become a part of his life is a really powerful story to show how much Emma has grown.
Leroy's success at selling candles in "Dreamy" shows his determination to achieve something and make a positive difference in Story Brooke.

The most recent storyline with Belle in "The Crocodile" is a new favorite. The way Belle finally ventures out into the world and tries to find a place of her own. "A life, a job." She stands up for herself and finds something she loves to do. It's also important that Rumple/ Mr. Gold finally tells Belle the truth and they both agree to discover who they are for awhile, but still find ways to spend some time together.

Monday, October 22, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 20: What character do you think you're like the most?


We have a similar reaction to developing trust and confidence. Emma is the hero of the story, but she doesn't believe she is. She also pushes people away if she thinks they are too close. But it's more than just the act of invincibility Emma puts on, it's also the emotions that she pushes away. She does care a lot for the people around her, but her way of showing it is different from the average display of affection. She also has a strong opinion about staying true to who you are. Her advice to Ashley/ Cinderella was heartfelt and real, because it wasn't just something she said, it was something she experienced. Emma has gone through her life in a cynical and solitary manner, but she also stays true to herself in terms of personality. She knows who she is, and doesn't hide that at all, but she does hide feelings and insecurities to stay strong in tough times.


I think I have a little of Belle's personality as well. Not just my love of books, but my curiosity and determination remind me of Belle. Also, the way Belle views people is similar to mine, the inside of a person is not always easy to see, but it is more important than outside appearance. Truly loving someone is accepting both the bad and the good. Flaws are just as important as positive characteristics. She's also a dreamer, which I'm known for.

OUAT Challenge Day 19: Your Favorite Ship

Rumple and Belle (RumBelle)

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale, but that's not the only reason I enjoy watching Belle and Rumplestiltskin on screen. The writers explained that Belle and Rumple's relationship was based on the idea of bringing a beautiful soul and a corrupted soul together. The result was Belle and Rumplestiltskin. Belle is bright and happy while Rumple is twisted and depressed. Convinced that no one can love him, Rumple shows a fear of bringing anyone close to him, but does exactly that when he makes a deal with Belle that she will go with him forever and clean the castle for the rest of her life to save her people.
Belle catches on that Rumple is lonely and she, being the curious person that she is, slowly attempts to get to know him, and help him see what she sees. To Belle, Rumple is not a monster, but a misunderstood and lonely person. She tries to convince him of that and almost succeeds until Rumple's own illusion of the world gets in the way.
Rumple's fear of being around others and allowing them to know him blinds him to Belle's genuine affection and convinces him that she only wants to find his weakness. This plays on later in the series when Belle tells Rumple to make a promise he doesn't keep and continues  to try convincing him he isn't a monster.
Their relationship is complicated and confusing, but both Belle and Rumple find understanding about one another and learn at the same pace what a relationship is like.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 18: Who is your least favorite villian and why?

King George

He is the most ruthless of the villains, because he has no heart. Not only does he trick Charming, but he curses Snow White, kills Charming's mother and dares to tell Snow White that he was in love. The priorities of King George are possibly even more screwed up than Regina and Rumple. The difference between him and the two main villains involves caring for someone and making wrong choices about it. Both Regina and Rumple act, believing that they are protecting or avenging someone they love, but King George acts like a blood thirsty man with no priorities.

Friday, October 19, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 17 : Favorite quote from a villain

"Love has killed more than any disease." - Rumplestiltskin

I can't really explain why I like this quote. It's deep.

OUAT Challenge Day 16 : Favorite quote from a “good” character

"Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing."-
Mary Margret

I find this to be very true. You can't achieve anything if you don't believe you can. Confidence and faith in yourself are important  when it comes to goals and dreams.

OUAT Challenge Day 15: Link to a fanvid you like

Many of Trading Yesterday's songs remind me of Beauty and the Beast. This one really blends with the story of Rumplestiltskin and Belle nicely.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 14 : Picture or gif that expresses your reaction to the show.

This show is special to me. We watch it as a family, and all the Disney cameos make me feel like I am back in that world. I love the powerful and positive themes of hope and love. And the fairy tales, being iconic as they already are, have been changed in a way that is interesting and intriguing. I won't say that I agree with all of the portrayals of Disney characters, or even the way the fairy tales are performed, but relating to Emma, her attitude of the world, and her expectations in life, make this show a journey and a story to live as much as watch.
I love a lot of the quotes, but the one that stands out the most is what Mary Margret tells Emma in the first episode.
"What do you think stories are for? They're a way for us to deal with our world, a world that doesn't always make sense." -Mary Margret
And of course
"I gave Henry the book because I wanted him to have the most important thing that anyone can have. Hope. Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing."- Mary Margret

I think the popularity of the show is almost psychological. These are characters we all know, and we want them to achieve happiness, especially when they are stuck in situations and misfortunes that we all deal with in life. And Emma is the character for the audience, watching her begin to believe in happiness and discover what really matters in life, makes this show charming and deep at the same time. It's more than archetypes and plot lines. It's a familiar family of characters living life.

Monday, October 15, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 13 : favorite Evil Queen/Rumple moment

Regina: If you want me to return what's yours . . . tell me your name.

Mr. Gold: Rumplestiltskin

This was the best scene between the two of them. It shows how power hungry they are, in their different ways. This moment also changes the dynamic between them, because Mr. Gold revealed that he was never under the Evil Queen's power. In this scene, both Regina and Rumplestiltskin are vulnerable.  Regina shows actual fear and Rumplestiltskin shows serious concern and irritation. These are states that the characters do not show very often, especially not around each other.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

OUAT Challange Day 12 : Favorite Snow/Charming moment

Charming (while holding the ring) : Not you're style. I know.

Snow (takes the ring from him): Well, there's only one way to find out.

This is a great scene that shows the transformation that both Charming and Snow go through during their journey to the troll bridge. The fact that Snow decided to try the ring on, after all her talk about true love and arranged marriages, is a meaningful moment between both of them.
Snow stares at the ring, perhaps reconsidering whether or not it is "her style" and maybe even discovering that she wouldn't mind being around Prince Charming. Charming's look is part surprise and part consideration. His mother said that true love followed the ring, and Abigail never wore it.

OUAT Challenge:Day 11 : Favourite Emma and Mary Margaret moment

So I know this is recent, but it is my favorite moment between Emma and her mother.  This scene resolved the tension between Emma and her mother.

Emma: I'm not used to people putting me first.

Snow: Well get used to it.

Friday, October 12, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 10: Something Beautiful

Cinderella's Wedding

It had such a Disney and fairy tale feeling to it. The costumes, the fireworks and of course the dancing.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 9: Something cute

Henry's drawings of the Once Upon A Time stories.

I wish they had showed all of them, because quite a few were on the page.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 8: Your Favorite Episode

I have three favorite episodes

That Still Small Voice

I loved everything about this episode. From the story between Henry and Archie to the back story of Jiminy Cricket, this episode impressed me because the entire plot was connected so well and the way Archie grows stronger keeps a balance between his actions as Jiminy in Fairy Tale Land and Archie in Story Brooke.

True North

This episode was just amazing because the topic related directly to Emma in this part of the story. Emma grew as she tried to help the kids and her conversation with their father was a step forward from being reserved, to actually admitting her emotions about Henry and being a parent.

Skin Deep

Mostly because this is our introduction to Belle, and I loved the spin they took on the fairy tale. Belle is a strong character and the progression of Belle and Rumple's relationship was a nice story line. Gaston being turned into a rose was priceless. My only problem with this episode is the abusive scene between Mr. Gold and Moe French. In no way was that action justified, and I didn't see the point in that scene at all. Mainly I love this episode because I love Beauty and the Beast.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day7: Most Shocking Moment

The Return: When August was not Baelfire.
I bought into the whole story line and seriously thought that Baelfire had returned. When he wasn't Baelfire, and was later revealed to be Pinocchio, I remember being shocked and confused. Until I realized that August has some kind of communication with Baelfire. Maybe Baelfire can't go to Story Brooke because he voluntarily left the Fairy Tale World.

Monday, October 8, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 6: Moment/s that made you sad

When August/Pinocchio left Emma
It's not like this scene was unexpected. But when it happened, it really defined how Emma views people and life in general. She doesn't trust easily, not only because her parents weren't with her, but because her guardian didn't protect her.

When Emma believed that Henry was dead
 This scene was really heartbreaking. Henry was Emma's hope and when she didn't believe him, she realized that she had to do everything she could to make sure he was okay. Once Henry's life was on the line, Emma started believing, not only in the curse, but in herself to be there for Henry. To go through all that and have Henry die was too much for Emma, and she finally allows herself to express an emotion she's resisted for a long time. Love.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 5: Moment that made you smile/laugh

True North:
When Hansel and Gretel get their father back. It was such a great moment that showed a different side of Emma and results in a cute conversation between Emma and Mary Margret. I definitely smiled during this scene. It was so touching that they found each other again.

Dreamy: When Mary Margret and Leroy are going door to door selling candles. It
 was really funny.

They use three tactics:
Friendly Tactic
Cheerful Tactic
Puppy Dog Tactic

I also laughed/smiled when Belle chipped the cup. It was an obvious reference to the Disney movie

Saturday, October 6, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 4: Favorite Set/ Landscape

Indoors: The Dark Castle

This place holds so many stories and secrets. I love the tapestries on the walls, and the way the light is reflected in very specific spots. All of the items have a purpose, and a secret.

Outdoors: The Village in "Dreamy"
It's a beautiful view, and all the lights are scattered, creating a very peaceful atmosphere.

Favorite Set: Henry's Castle
I was so sad when Regina tore it down. I would have loved to play on it as a kid.

Another landscape that can't be beat is the opening sequence of  the show
I love the Fairy Tale World more than Story Brooke because it is colorful and detailed. It really creates the mood of a fairy tale